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First Signal is a member of NSI

Nationwide Services
Whether your needs are local, national or international, First Signal has the resources and commitment to take care of your security needs. We have reliable and dedicated network of security integrators that focus on only one thing–providing excellent customer service.

What Is NSI?
NSI is a closely knit group of privately held electronic security integrators located throughout the United States and Canada. The impetus behind the creation of NSI was the need to provide high-quality consistent security services for companies with regional offices throughout the United States and Canada. In the past, companies could only turn to the large national firms for one-stop shopping of security services. Now, there is better solution—National Security Integrators. Click here to go to the NSI web site.

What Makes NSI Different From The Big Companies
Having national or multi-regional requirements, many clients often only have one source to go to—the large national firms. While larger security firms may be bigger, NSI members provide the one key ingredient to any service relationship that makes a difference—personal service. Everyone knows that smaller entrepreneurial firms provide better customer service because it’s the owner’s reputation on the line. If a problem occurs, you can always call the key shareholder of the company directly. With NSI, not only do you receive that incredibly high level of customer service, but you receive it on an international basis.