How Location Tracking Stops Infection

March 24, 2010 Topic: Outcomes in the News 

C-diff BacteriaA recent article has expressed concern of a bacterium, C-diff, that is becoming a nuisance even greater than the common MRSA pathogen in hospitals. However, the greatest way to combat such infection is a simple solution:

“That is why work in Ohio is so promising. A carefully monitored study of a quarter of the state’s hospitals showed that following strict guidelines on hand washing, contact isolation and cleaning caused the number of cases to fall from 7.7 per 10,000 patient days in the hospital to 6.7 between the first and last half of 2009, says Julie Mangino, a professor of internal medicine at Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

“One of the units which was very vigilant had no new cases,” she says.

The procedures aren’t rocket science: “hand washing before and after room entry, compliance with gown and glove rules and meticulous cleaning,” she says. But the researchers actually set up observers, to make sure they were happening. That made the difference.”

[Lesser-known C-diff a bigger hospital threat than MRSA?] USA News Today

Location Tracking is one of the most effective methods of ensuring that your staff is following proper procedures, especially when it comes to hand-washing. Using an ultrasonic tag and receiver, not only can you see where your staff and assets are located, but friendly reminders to wash hands on entry and exit of a room can be automated, effectively reducing the spread of bacteria such as C-diff and MRSA.

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