Onsite Managed CCTV Recording: MASSIVE Savings for Businesses

October 15, 2010 Topic: Benefits & Outcomes, Outcomes in the News 

Onsite Managed CCTV SolutionFirst Signal has begun researching vendors to provide our customers the latest and most affordable CCTV Security Solutions. For more information on this exciting new technology, please contact us at sales@firstsignal.com.

The MVS software is solely focused within the video security and surveillance industry. Through the use of secure web-based applications this solution is revolutionizing the manner in which video security and surveillance is deployed, utilized and managed.

The MVS solution utilizes the customer’s present broadband connection to transmit full time, live streaming video over the internet to the MVS bank of video servers where the video is stored safely and securely and archived (7 days – 6 months). Live and recorded video from single or multiple locations is easily accessed via a single web-browser (username and password required). Any combination of cameras and locations will appear on a single viewing screen.

1. Cost effective solution for high quality video requiring 6 or less cameras.
• By utilizing the present internet connection, the customer can save thousands of dollars
by not having to invest in a DVR and monitor configuration.
2. Critical camera back-up for DVR’s.
• While the DVR continues to record all cameras locally, a subset of the cameras can be transmitted
over the internet to the MVS video servers where it will be saved for later playback should
the DVR fail, get destroyed or be stolen.
3. DVR upgrades.
• Easily and economically upgrade a customer’s antiquated, analog system and receive all of the
benefits of digital technology without having to replace the present DVR or cameras.

The MOVR provides the solution when the application requires large numbers of cameras, extended archiving periods or high frame rate requirements.

The web application provides a variety of benefits:

  • No software to install, manage or update
  • Access cameras through any internet connection in the world
  • A single user-interface whether the system is a single camera at a vacation home, dozens of cameras in retail environment, hundreds of cameras in a manufacturing facility or a combination of them all
  • Easy to use (100% point-and-click control)
  • Highest security – 128 Bit Encryption
  • Device monitoring (IntelliSoft)
  • Automatic notification of alarms and events
  • Compatible with all analog and a variety of digital cameras

The MOVR incorporates an added level of security through the use of its IntelliSoft Pro technology.
In addition to monitoring all external devices (cameras, internet connection, router, modem, etc)
it also monitors all internal components such as hard drives, motors, fans, and power connections.
Should anyone attempt to defeat the MOVR by unplugging it or turning it off, an alert will be transmitted notifying the appropriate persons.

The MOVR also has the ability to transmit video offsite for redundancy. Therefore, with proper placement
of a camera you have the ability to view, record and archive the actions of someone who turned the MOVR off. Additionally, if someone were to steal the MOVR, you could have the video of the actual theft stored offsite, even though the physical unit was stolen.