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Ascom Freeset IP-DECT introduction

Any enterprise workplace can be enhanced by adding the Ascom Freeset IP-DECT system, which utilize industry standard TDM and VoIP telephony interfaces to provide a fully integrated wireless communication platform. Seamless call handover and automatic roaming features ensure reliability for mobile users. This professional grade communication solution may be integrated with IP-PBXs via a direct SIP interface or with TDM PBX’s via Ascom VoIP Gateways.

Freeset IP-DECT access points

Ascom IP-DECT access points provide an easy way to add mobile voice services onto an existing wired LAN with low maintenance, zero-touch RF design wireless infrastructure. IP-DECT access points connect directly into any port on an existing wired LAN for transport back to the PBX switch.

Freeset IP-DECT Gateway with BS330 base stations

Providing a completely dedicated wired and wireless voice communication solution, the Ascom IP-DECT Gateway carries no dependency on the Ethernet packet data network. The IP-DECT Gateway works with Ascom BS330 base stations and the Ascom VoIP Gateway to seamlessly integrate with your PBX. Powered through the connection to the IP-DECT gateway, the small BS330 base stations provide coverage and capacity with two internal antennas and improved performance through diversity selection. Each base station contributes eight simultaneous speech channels and seamless roaming.

Wireless handsets

The Freeset IP-DECT system supports a highly versatile wireless handset portfolio: the d41, the d62, the 9d24 and the 9d24 EX. The d41 is an ideal solution for users with less complex demands but who still require reliable, quality handsets for intense daily use. The d62 and 9d24 offer the professional worker a powerful communication tool packed with feature-rich applications that improve efficiency in demanding environments. For volatile settings, the 9d24 EX models are the world’s only ATEX and CSA approved handsets that feature enhanced mobile security applications for increased worker safety.

Polycom Healthcare Solutions

Award-winning healthcare solutions that help reduce costs while maximizing productivity

One of the best ways to improve the quality of healthcare is to improve real-time interactive communication in healthcare environments. And Polycom offers the best way for any healthcare provider to increase the level of care, control costs, address staffing shortages, serve rural patients and keep pace with the competition.

Because Polycom understands the problems and challenges that face healthcare providers, we offer the only portfolio of end-to-end, scalable, secure, award-winning Unified Collaborative solutions. We have over 500 patents either issued or pending approval. Our industry-leading software solutions also have over 15 million lines of active code across the product portfolio. This ongoing commitment to innovation and development is focused on consistently improving the collaboration experience.

Today, patients and providers alike are taking advantage of the benefits of video conferencing. Live digital video and high-speed satellite connections enable specialists to evaluate and diagnose illnesses in real time, without requiring patients to travel long distances. Hospitals are leveraging the power of IP video networks to link clinics, consultants, specialists and patients, extending the reach of health care into remote areas. Medical professionals enjoy the convenience of accessing professional development classes, certification programs, and training through video conferencing.

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