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For more information regarding West-Call light signaling and nurse call, please visit the Nurse Call Outcome Tool page, here.

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Cornell Systems
For years, facilities have been installing Cornell’s Series 4000 Visual Nurse Call System because of its reliability and ease of use. This basic system is one of the most widely used in the market today. Many healthcare facilities are now discovering the flexibility of the Series 4000 by adding additional features such as zone lights and AURA 2.0, a software system that offers Data-Logging to monitor alert devices and Broadcast Notification to better inform staff.

With any nurse call system, adaptabilty will ensure it meets the individual needs of the facility. Cornell has designed a wide variety of standard products in configurations that will meet the unique requirements of any application. Cornell is well known for its renovation projects, because they will custom manufacture mounting plates for special applications. If you need to cover a non-standard mounting location, multiple gangs are available. Older facilities looking to upgrade to a newer system find the basic Series 4000 ideal because of its simplicity. Often this system can be installed using existing wiring so there is no need for costly rewiring and electrical work.

The Series 4000 Nurse Call System provides you with flexibility. Start with the basic system and build from there.
• Add duty stations and zone lights for a comprehensive visual alert package.
• Combine with AURA 2.0 for reporting, accountability and broadcast notification.
• Include pagers with VersaPage or AURA 2.0 for hard wired and wireless system.

The Series 4000 is manufactured and designed by Cornell right down to the circuit board and mounting plates. Cornell knows that a high tech product doesn’t need to sacrifice service and affordability, which is why this system avoids complex circuitry and exotic components, while still investing in the latest technologies that are proven to produce the best results.

New 4400 Series
Used with the Cornell Series 4000 Visual Call System, permits remote monitoring of individual rooms/zones. The A-4400 Series annunciator panels allow for displaying from 8 to 48 zones, which can be custom labeled via software.

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