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Software House
Software House’s Multi-Technology Readers provide the industry’s first multi-protocol, multi-frequency solution with their ability to read multiple smart card technologies and most of the common proximity cards simultaneously.

The Software House Multi-Technology Reader with Indala Support reads both HID® and Indala® proximity cards simultaneously, while also reading multiple 13.56 MHz smart card technologies – including MIFARE® encrypted sectors – all with one reader.

Hirsch Electronics manufactures high security access control and security management systems for worldwide markets. Hirsch’s award-winning products seamlessly integrate door control, alarm monitoring, enrollment, badging, video, intelligent graphics, reports and database management.

From a ScramblePad® intelligent keypad and controller for one door, to an enterprise-class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users, Hirsch is the preferred choice for applications requiring high security, reliability, scalability and investment protection.

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