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A Better Backbone
As service providers strive to leverage their network assets to deliver a compelling array of innovative business, residential and mobile services to their customers, the optimization of their transport infrastructure stands to play a key role in ensuring profitability and a superior user experience. Closer integration of IP and optical transport networks offers significant opportunities for reducing transport costs and increasing network efficiency. The converged backbone of high-leverage networks will leverage optics and IP in a cohesive fashion to deliver the lowest cost per bit for reliable transport across the backbone for the breadth of existing and emerging services. The Converged Backbone Transformation solution features:

  • Best-of-breed IP and optical products
  • Maximum architectural flexibility (three grooming options)
  • Pre-validated & fully integrated E2E IP and optical solution package
  • Integrated control plane, data plane, and management plane
  • End-to-end service delivery and management
  • Zero Touch Photonics management for least cost operations and CAPEX savings
  • Single point of accountability for faster time-to-market
  • Single service offer for engineering, installation, integration and maintenance
  • Multivendor maintenance and migration services
  • One call to make
  • Market leading 100G on optics and IP

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