We keep your team safe using best-in-class life safety communications technology.

At First Signal, we sought out the best technology for life safety. That’s why we partnered with Talkaphone. With over 84 years of experience and installations at over 10,000 institutions, Talkaphone is the clear leader for life safety communications solutions. With them at our side, we are able to offer expertly manufactured products and a superior technology platform in the life safety space.

With a focus on safety, we offer solutions focused on 3 key pillars.

blue light phones.png

Blue Light Phones

Blue light emergency phones are visible from anywhere and create a reassuring atmosphere of safety for staff and visitors. As these lights are highly visible, they discourage criminals and act as a natural deterrent. Plus, they allow for self-help communications when someone is in need.

mass notification.png

Mass Notification

When you need to broadcast to a larger zone, security teams often rely on mass notification systems. However, they are not only for emergency purposes. Mass notification systems can be used for non-emergency situations such as crowd control. Most importantly, for universities the Cleryl Act requires some form of mass notification system for communicating with students.

area of rescue.png

Area of Rescue

These systems provide those unable to evacuate in an emergency a place to wait for assistance and communicate with emergency responders. They are so useful that every multilevel building in the USA is mandated to provide areas of rescue. At the state and local level, city ordinances are often used to enforce area of rescue requirements.