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Patient Satisfaction

Improve patient safety and healthcare communications with our world-class nurse call, clinic, and emergency call solutions.

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Staff Efficiency

Communication technology, process automation, and real-time asset tracking are your keys to staff efficiency and facility safety.

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Asset Protection

Our Asset Protection solutions help organizations manage the protection of your company's physical and human assets.


The team at First Signal knows how to help with patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and asset protection. We’ve been in this business for over 35 years and would love the chance to be your strategic partner in these areas.

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Our Core Areas

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Nurse Call Systems

We provide a variety of call devices, including patient call, code blue, code pink, staff emergency, staff assist, bathroom emergency, bathroom assist, sound health detectors and more.

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Patient Entertainment

Give patients control over their hospitalization. Enhance patient stay by providing access to family and friends, videos on demand, educational and personal treatment videos.

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WiFi Mobile Phones & Messaging

Deliver voice and messaging communications directly to the user’s mobile device. Provide notifications and alerts that are easily routed and escalated to the appropriate caregivers.

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Overhead Paging

Overhead communication across your entire facility allows efficient emergency notification to keep staff and patients safe and informed of security situations.

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Real Time Location Systems

Know where all your equipment is in real-time in the fast paced healthcare environment. Optimize equipment and staff utilization ensuring more efficient workflows.

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Security, Access Control & Cameras

Protect staff, patients and customers with state-of-the-art intrusion detection solutions that improve business operations and deter criminal activity.

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 Strategic Partnerships

Providing innovative solutions integrated with leading safety and healthcare communications organizations.

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